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""Elsaa! You'll never guess what I just saw! This huge.. Bird-thing, not important, just landed on top of Sven and you should have seen his face! He looked just like you when you get woken up too early!""


"…Anna, I thought we agreed to never talk about what I look like when I wake up early."

"But do tell me about this bird.”

      “Well… Yeah. But it is kind of hilarious. When your hair goes all -poof- and your eyes just— 

                         Okay, okay. I’ll stop now. 

      And, well, I don’t know. It was a bird, thing. It had wings and feathers and it looked like a bird but much bigger.”


"You’re telling me. It’s ten times as hard being Queen. No advisers to help you out- not that the help was needed."


      “But at least you get to rule the kingdom, right? So all your work pays off and everything… 

           For me I just do things and watch as everyone fawns over my sister.”

22nd July at 1:36 pm
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텀블러에 올릴까 말까 하다가….
요즘 한복입히는게 참 좋더라고요.
엘사는 그린적 있는데 한스랑 안나가 없어서 슥슥-

Korean traditional cloth ver.

      “Man, I need a vacation. 
                       All this princess stuff is hard…” 

20th July at 3:43 am
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Okay so while I was visiting Sam, we were watching Free! and all its glory and we came up with the theory that, if Haru were to ever watch The Little Mermaid, he would become completely obsessed with it. Like to the point where he would sit at home and watch it on repeat, and while swimming start singing Under the Sea and Part of Your World to himself. And he would drag the others into it too, forcing them to watch it with him however many times he’d want to.
Until it gets to the point where he has them dress up and reenact it, only he changes it so he, as the little mermaid, stays a mermaid and lives underwater forever.
But could you imagine him making Makoto Prince Eric, Nagisa Flounder, Rei King Triton, Rin Sebastian, Kou as Ursula, Nitori as Scuttle, and even Souske as Grimsby and Momo as Max. And thy would all be super hesitant and disagree, but finally give in because it makes Haru so happy and they just change the story but act out their roles and could you imagine how adorable that would be?????


The royal ball pit

It’s 5am and I’m off to Wisconsin on my first flight ever to visit the wonderful Sam aka @theformerprince and I can’t wait oommggg :D

theformerprince whispered:

"Happy happy birthday to you, you amazing person! <33 I cannot WAIT to see you next week, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. =) Congratulations on being 20! ^^ We're the same age! 8D"

// Bby you’re the absolute sweetest <3333

 and I cannot wait to see you either we’re going to have so much fun omggg ;;;; We have to do everything we possibly can in 3-4 days :D 
I don’t like being 20 tho ;; 

Oh! And this glorious picture ;;

Oh! And this glorious picture ;;